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Recommended Reading to Enrich Your Prayer Life

The Big Ben Minute - by Andrew Herbert Dakers
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After 69 years, this classic was brought back to press in 2012 by Saddle Mountain Communications and Minute-Men America. Originally published in 1943, it is the most comprehensive narrative of the Big Ben Minute's history and significance.

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When We Pipe, God Shall Dance - by Brad Fenichel

"The book that will revolutionize your prayer life,"
by Brad Fenichel, spokesman for the National Minute of Prayer.

Willi Wagner, a young Anabaptist, fled his native Germany in 1916 on a pilgrimage that would take him deep into the forgotten sierras of Central Mexico in his search for the legendary Skunk People. At stake … the very notion that God still cares to be involved with men and women in our own time!

Wagner’s dogged tenacity, through triumph and tragedy, stands as an inspiration for those of us living a century later who would dare—as he did—to believe that God not only exists, but that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Told in parable form, this fictional story is a challenge for each of us to connect with God and discover personal revival and the fulfillment of His purposes for us in our generation.  The book is presented in ten chapters, with a corresponding ten-part Study Guide (included in the back of the book) for personal devotions or small groups.

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Pray for Our Nation - by Harrison House

"Scriptural Prayers to Revive Our Country," arranged in a concise, manageable format.  This booklet is a source of inspiration for daily targeted prayers for our nation's many needs.  It is also an excellent road map for comprehensive events; for example, it provides ample material for many hours of intercession on the annual National Day of Prayer.

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Rees Howells, Intercessor - by Norman Grubb

Subtitled "The story of a life lived for God," this is the classic biography of Rees Howells, a humble coal miner who discovered the secret of Living Prayer.  From his early days of faith during the Great Welsh Revival of 1904, to his later years leading a small band of intercessors against the Third Reich, this is a powerful tale, a book you won't be able to put down.

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Praying Hyde: Apostle of Prayer - by Captain E.G. Carre

This book's intro says it all: "If you wish to learn to pray effectively, you can have no better example than the life of John Hyde."

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Could You Not Tarry One Hour? - by Larry Lea

Is your prayer life ho-hum?  Can't think what to pray for?  This classic work is subtitled "Learning the Joy of Prayer." Based on the Lord's Prayerwhich is, after all, the instruction manual given by the Savior HimselfLarry Lea explains what meaningful prayer looks like, and "how to get there from here."  A must-read for believers, new and old.      

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With Christ in the School of Prayer - by Andrew Murray

Born in 1828, Andrew Murray lived in South Africa, and was a key figure in the South African Revival of 1860.  His numerous works on the subject of prayer are timeless, and many are readily available through and other sources.  With Christ in the School of Prayer is highly recommendedperhaps his most popular treatise. It is laid out in thirty-one chapters, leading us on a month's journey of connecting with our Creator.

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